Sit N Cycle As Seen On TV

Dorothy Hamill presents the Sit N Cycle! It’s the new way to exercise for busy baby boomers and active seniors. Now you can burn calories and stay in shape, no matter how busy you are.

The Sit N Cycle secret is effortless minimal resistance. You can keep your body moving without heavy strain. The resistance won’t distract you, so you can do it at anytime.

It’s called active sitting. Why just sit, when you could Sit N Cycle? You can burn calories while you are watching TV, reading, talking on the phone, or surfing the web.

“I love fitness multi-tasking with the Sit N Cycle. You do all your daily activities while staying active and burning calories at the same time.

Plus, the new Sit n Cycle has 8 levels of resistance. It goes from minimal up to moderate, so you can easily dial in just how many calories you would like to burn.

The new and improved Sit N Cycle also has an advanced Pedaling System that provides a silky smooth ride, plus large no-slip pedals.

There is even an adjustable seat for a custom fit that reduces pressure on your knees. Plus, a new saddle shaped seat with extra padding for comfort, balance, and stability.

Sit N Cycles advanced design automatically engages your core as you are moving the pedals. You can burn calories and tighten your abs at the same time. So, no more slumping!

Sit N Cycle has wheels, so it can be easily moved and stored anywhere.

Order now to try the new and improved Sit N Cycle in your home for 30 days for just $19.95. You can also choose from exciting new colors. Also, if you order right now, your shipping is free!

Now you can exercise anytime with Sit N Cycle. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, but you won’t find Sit N Cycle in any stores, so you must act now.

Why just sit, when you could Sit N Cycle

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