Sit N Cycle As Seen on TV Review

DSC_0161I am going to give Sit N Cycle a thumbs up. I had this item before they did the upgrade and I also bought it after. I am happy to say that they actually listened to customers and changed what was wrong with the initial product. I also was really happy that they offered a 30 day trial period. That is what actually enticed me to buy it the second time. I liked having the option of trying before buying.

I really enjoy the fact that a user has a lot of control with Sit N Cycle. You get to control the resistance to whichever level you feel most comfortable. This is incredibly helpful for me because I have bad knees and can only do moderate activities. You also get to pick from a wide variety of colors.

Now it is not as easily stored as advertised, but it does move very well. It is large, so it will take up a little bit of closet space when storing. I don’t mind that though. I get a good amount of exercise while I watch TV or read. I love having the option to use this bike instead of walking outside on the concrete (which really causes me pain).

Overall, I feel like this is a great exercise solution for people that do not have much time or money to devote to exercise. It is important to remember though that this is a machine that gives you a lower body workout. If you are looking for a more robust workout you may want to try using light weights in addition to the Sit N Cycle.

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