Sit N Cycle As Seen on TV Review

DSC_0161I am going to give Sit N Cycle a thumbs up. I had this item before they did the upgrade and I also bought it after. I am happy to say that they actually listened to customers and changed what was wrong with the initial product. I also was really happy that they offered a 30 day trial period. That is what actually enticed me to buy it the second time. I liked having the option of trying before buying.

I really enjoy the fact that a user has a lot of control with Sit N Cycle. You get to control the resistance to whichever level you feel most comfortable. This is incredibly helpful for me because I have bad knees and can only do moderate activities. You also get to pick from a wide variety of colors.

Now it is not as easily stored as advertised, but it does move very well. It is large, so it will take up a little bit of closet space when storing. I don’t mind that though. I get a good amount of exercise while I watch TV or read. I love having the option to use this bike instead of walking outside on the concrete (which really causes me pain).

Overall, I feel like this is a great exercise solution for people that do not have much time or money to devote to exercise. It is important to remember though that this is a machine that gives you a lower body workout. If you are looking for a more robust workout you may want to try using light weights in addition to the Sit N Cycle.

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Sit N Cycle – Fitness Bike or Scam?


Is Sit N Cycle a Scam?

I have read many reviews before reviewing the product and I must say that I did not notice many of the negative issues that other people did. It may have been that I was looking out for them, so they weren’t a surprise to me.

Overall, I had a good experience with the Sit N Cycle though. It is a heavier equipment machine than I thought, but it is on wheels so it is easily transportable on flat surfaces. I am an older woman, and I didn’t have any trouble at all. It has to have some build to it to be able to hold a human being, so I think it should be expected that it isn’t something you can carry all over the place with you. I also like that it came in many colors because I wanted to have that option.

I think that the Sit N Cycle works exactly like they say. I use it while watching TV. I think it made me feel better overall. I think the daily exercise is the perfect amount for me and I feel more exuberant and awake each day. The bike is very easy to setup and adjust too.

Many of the complaints I saw were directed towards the Customer Service department, but I really don’t know what people expect when they purchase As Seen On TV products. I think that as long as the product gets to you and you get all the parts you should be happy. You never know how long these things are going to take to arrive to you. Definitely don’t expect it to arrive any less than two weeks after you order.

Anyways, I had a good experience with the product and I think the product works like it says. It’s easy to use, easy to move, and definitely great for seniors.

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5 Tips to Start a Successful Fitness Routine

Start The Life You Want To Live

  1. Start Over– Forget all of the awful memories you have of exercising. Forget the pain you may have felt and the shortness of breath that you probably experienced. Also, stop thinking about those high school days! None of these memories are going to motivate you or inspire you to workout. Think about what could be instead of what was!
  2. Prepare a Schedule– You are not the only person with a busy schedule that gives you now free time, but you need to be one of the select few people who MAKE time. If you can find just 20 minutes a day a day to dedicate to exercise, then you are starting off on the right foot. After that first week, add ten minutes to each of your workouts the following week.
  3. Take Small Steps– I promise you that any fitness goal you wish to achieve won’t happen overnight! You’ll have to work for it. So, take baby steps. Change one bad habit a day and work towards a better, healthier, lifestyle that way. You’ll have much more success!
  4. Try Something New– That kickboxing class that you have always wanted to take has spots open? Go for it! You won’t regret trying something new and exciting. Go for a bike ride, go horseback riding, run with your dog, just do something different. You won’t have any success if you get bored with your workout quickly.
  5. Get a Workout Buddy– Find someone who can be as equally dedicated as you! You WILL need this person to help you achieve your fitness goals. It’s no fun to workout alone, so you can even try to get the whole family involved.

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BeActive Brace Really Worked to Relieve My Chronic Back Pain

Be Active-110I love my BeActive Brace! This is a product that really does work and I would highly recommend it.

After having my two beautiful children, my back pains never went away. I tried for a really long time to find something that worked. I went to the chiropractor often, I tried heat and ice, and I even started taking yoga classes. However, nothing seemed to help.

Finally I was given the BeActive Brace by a friend and now I no longer have those horrible back pains that I use to have. They come in sets and they really do make a good gift for someone. I couldn’t have appreciated this more.

Now I am able to be myself again. I don’t have chronic sciatic back pain anymore and it feels great. I am able to play with the kids again, exercise, and participate in other daily activities pain-free.

My top 3 favorite exercises are super easy to do and they really work! They also do not take up much time out of your day.

1. Sit N Cycle
2. Denise Austin: Hot Body Yoga
3. Jillian Michaels – 30 Day Shred

I have had success with BeActive and getting back in shape and you can to! I would love to hear any questions or comments you may have about BeActive and any exercise programs, so comment below.

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Sit N Cycle As Seen On TV

Dorothy Hamill presents the Sit N Cycle! It’s the new way to exercise for busy baby boomers and active seniors. Now you can burn calories and stay in shape, no matter how busy you are.

The Sit N Cycle secret is effortless minimal resistance. You can keep your body moving without heavy strain. The resistance won’t distract you, so you can do it at anytime.

It’s called active sitting. Why just sit, when you could Sit N Cycle? You can burn calories while you are watching TV, reading, talking on the phone, or surfing the web.

“I love fitness multi-tasking with the Sit N Cycle. You do all your daily activities while staying active and burning calories at the same time.

Plus, the new Sit n Cycle has 8 levels of resistance. It goes from minimal up to moderate, so you can easily dial in just how many calories you would like to burn.

The new and improved Sit N Cycle also has an advanced Pedaling System that provides a silky smooth ride, plus large no-slip pedals.

There is even an adjustable seat for a custom fit that reduces pressure on your knees. Plus, a new saddle shaped seat with extra padding for comfort, balance, and stability.

Sit N Cycles advanced design automatically engages your core as you are moving the pedals. You can burn calories and tighten your abs at the same time. So, no more slumping!

Sit N Cycle has wheels, so it can be easily moved and stored anywhere.

Order now to try the new and improved Sit N Cycle in your home for 30 days for just $19.95. You can also choose from exciting new colors. Also, if you order right now, your shipping is free!

Now you can exercise anytime with Sit N Cycle. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, but you won’t find Sit N Cycle in any stores, so you must act now.

Why just sit, when you could Sit N Cycle

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